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Baby Sign Basics


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Imagine knowing what your baby wants before they can talk.

It can be SO challenging to tell what your baby wants, especially before they have words. Sometimes you're amazing at anticipating your baby's needs and you just know. Other times, not so much. You try your best to read their cues, but it's not always obvious.

  • Maybe your baby is having meltdowns because they can’t tell you what they want for snack.

  • Maybe your baby wants something that’s not right in front of them, so they can’t reach or point to let you know.

  • Maybe your baby wants to go down for a nap earlier than usual, but isn't showing the obvious signs and has no way of telling you they're tired.

  • Maybe your baby is throwing food on the floor when really they are trying to communicate that they are all done.

Believe it or not, your baby's fussing, whining, and crying is communication, it's just not the kind we prefer. That's where baby sign language comes in. You can teach your child to use signs to tell you what they want and I can show you how.

What you'll learn:

A speech therapist's methods for using baby signs + supporting spoken language development at the same time

A powerful 3-step framework for helping your baby to use signs to make requests

How to choose which signs to start with

The pre-requisite skills your baby needs before they can be expected to sign back

How to use hand-over-hand and fade that support to encourage independence

How to respond when your child uses the incorrect sign