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Baby's First Words


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5 Tips For Encouraging First Words

Imagine feeling confident about the role you play in your child's language development.

If you're anything like me, you want your child to live their best life and that starts by reaching all their milestones on time as expected. I speak from experience when I say it can feel enormously stressful when that's not happening. While my children both spoke early and often, my son wasn’t meeting his gross motor milestones on time. Once we got support, I learned super simple techniques that helped him progress quickly and I remember wishing I had known this stuff all along. I hear this same story time and time again from the parents of my late-talking clients at my speech therapy practice and from my mom friends who wanted to know how my little ones were so talkative.

What I've come to realize is that parents are just not given quality information about how to encourage speech and language development early on. It seems the only advise being given is to “just talk to your baby all day” or “just narrate everything you’re doing all the time”. While this is not bad advice, it’s way too general and not a complete picture. Usually the first language milestone everyone thinks about is their child’s first word, but there is so much that needs to be in place before those first words can come.

The purpose of this course is to teach you the speech and language milestones that come before those first words and easy, yet powerful, tips you can use to nurture these skills. By fostering these skills, your child will have everything they need in place to start talking. Of course there are parts of our child’s development that are out of our control, but why not build a solid foundation right from the beginning? I’m a firm believer that every single parent should feel confident teaching their child to talk.

Baby's First Words will help you feel confident about the role you play in helping your child meet their speech and language milestones.


You want to take an active role in your baby's speech and language development.

Baby's First Words is worth it for you if:

You're ready to learn what else you could be doing besides narrating out loud.

You want to strengthen your baby's foundational language skills so they are ready to talk

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You want to encourage your baby's first words with effective strategies used by speech-language pathologists.

You want to feel confident that you're doing all that you can to set your baby up for talking success!

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Confident parents with noisy babies.
Learn easy-to-use actionable strategies to nurture your baby's speech and language development.

The Baby's First Words course includes:

A speech-language pathologist's methods for helping your baby meet their speech and language milestones. These are proven strategies backed by research.

Knowledge of the foundational skills your baby needs before they can be expected to talk. Set your baby up for success by strengthening pre-verbal skills.

Simple yet powerful tips you can start using right away during your everyday routines. You don't need to be a speech therapist to use these strategies.

Real example videos. You'll see each tip in action and know exactly what to do.

A bonus section on how to teach Baby Sign Language. Learn how to use baby signs to encourage talking.

Accompanying PDFs for additional support. Easily reference what you've learned with these beautifully designed printable materials.