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Baby Sign Breakthrough


an online course for parents of babies & toddlers

Imagine knowing what your baby wants before they can talk.

You've probably figured this out by now, but babies don't just fuss or cry for no reason. They are trying to tell us something using the only way they know how... whining and crying. It works great for getting our attention, but beyond that it turns into a guessing game for mama as we frantically try and figure out what baby wants.


"I just smelled him and he doesn't have a poop, he just ate so he can't be hungry, did he fall down, he just woke up so he can't be tired, did you see him yawn, did his sister take his toy again? Wait... he's looking at the window... is there a bird out there? Is someone delivering a package? Oh... he wants to go outside and see the trash truck go by!" 

It can be SO frustrating and exhausting trying to figure out what your baby wants in the months and years before they can finally start telling you with their words. By now you've probably gotten to superhero levels of intuiting and anticipating your baby's needs, but lots of times it's just.not.obvious and then you're back to the guessing game.

  • Maybe your baby is having meltdowns because they can’t tell you what they want for snack.

  • Maybe your baby wants something that’s not right in front of them, so they can’t reach or point to let you know (a.k.a. my son when we wanted to go outside and we weren't near the door).

  • Maybe your baby wants to go down for a nap earlier than usual, but isn't showing the obvious signs and has no way of telling you they're tired.

  • Maybe your baby is throwing food on the floor when really they are trying to communicate that they are all done.

What if you and your baby had a way to communicate with one another that was so much more effective than crying and whining? How much better would you feel as a mama knowing that you're giving your baby exactly what they need? How much stronger will your bond be when your baby feels heard and understood. This is what baby sign language can do for your family. 

I can teach you and your baby to sign, and help to put an end to the guessing game once and for all. This course is the method I used with my two kids and exactly what I teach to all my private clients in my speech therapy practice in LA. I truly believe that teaching your baby sign language is one of the lowest effort and highest impact activities you can do, and I know you'll feel the same way.

Baby Sign Breakthrough will help your baby feel happy, connected, and understood, which in turn makes mama feel happy, connected, and fulfilled. You can be the confident mama of a signing baby.


You wish your baby could just tell you what they’re thinking

You want to take an active role in your child’s language development

Baby Sign Breakthrough is worth it for you if:

You hope your baby will sign or speak early

You want your baby feel understood and less frustrated

THAT'S ME! $40

You desire a deeper bond with your baby

You are ready to stop guessing your baby's needs

Pegah, @PediatricDietitian

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Happy parents with happy babies.
There are many baby signing courses out there.
This course is different.

This is not a mommy-and-me class filled with music, games, and books. Instead, this is a down and dirty mini-course just for parents, that can be completed in under an hour, designed to give you the tools needed to get your baby signing as quickly as possible. In 6 bite-sized lessons, you'll gain:

A speech-language pathologist's methods for getting your baby to sign back fast and encourage verbal language development at the same time

A simple and powerful 3-step framework for getting your baby to use signs to make requests

A thorough understanding of how to support your baby as they learn to use baby sign language and how to fade that support to encourage independence

Knowledge of the pre-requisite skills your baby needs before they can be expected to sign back

Strategies for troubleshooting common baby sign language problems (like what to do when your child uses the "more" sign for everything)

An appreciation for all the benefits of baby sign language