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Have a question about your child's speech and language development?  A worry?  Do you want an answer that is individualized and takes into account your unique child and situation? Some examples include, "How do you I help my child say more words?" or "How can I encourage my toddler to meet their speech and language milestones?"


While I can't offer Speech Therapy services by email or video chat, I can help you problem solve using my professional expertise, my extensive resources, and my experiences as a fellow parent. 


If you want to take an active role in your child's language development and/or are waiting for speech therapy services and want to get started helping your little one along, a parent coaching session is for you. My fee includes prep time, a 45 minute Zoom call, and a detailed follow-up e-mail with my recommendations, plus one additional follow-up e-mail should you have a quick question after you get started..

How does it work? Fill out the contact form below and you will receive a response from me with a questionnaire to fill out so I can understand your child's current communication level and what you're interested in getting help with. After filling out the initial e-mail intake form, I will respond with any follow up questions, payment, and scheduling information. During our Zoom call, I will teach you strategies that will help your child's language skills develop and encourage them to meet language milestones. Most families take a few weeks to implement my recommendations and if needed, will schedule more time for troubleshooting or to learn additional strategies.

No refunds are available once I've started planning for our call.

DISCLAIMER: While I am a licensed Speech Language Pathologist providing parent support and resources, e-mail and video consultations are NOT individualized medical advice or Speech Therapy. E-mail and video consultations are not to replace individualized medical advice from your child’s physician or skilled therapy evaluation or treatment. In the event that your question raises a red flag, I will recommend that you pursue individualized therapy and if a United States resident, help you locate services available in your area. 


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