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I'm Melissa.

I’m a mommy of three and a speech-language pathologist specializing in babies and toddlers. I empower parents to get their little ones talking.

As a mom of three little kids, I know how helpless you can feel when your child isn't meeting milestones —


I was in your same shoes when my son wasn't meeting his gross motor milestones. He still wasn't sitting independently at 9 months old... say I was an anxious mess is an understatement!

I was so worried and overwhelmed, my mind went to the worst possible scenarios. I googled way too much and freaked myself out that there might be something seriously wrong with him...


...that it could be this diagnosis or that, that he may never walk. You know how this goes...


You may have been down a similar rabbit hole with worry and anxiety about your child’s speech and language development. I felt so helpless.


It wasn't until I worked with a specialist that I finally learned what to do with him at home to strengthen his muscles and let me tell you–my anxious brain felt so empowered to finally have a plan of action.


It felt so good to do something to help my son and take control of the situation.


I finally had peace of mind that I was helping him to progress at home--and progress he did!


He went from not rolling or sitting at 9 months to catching up to age expectations and walking by 15 months! 🙌


I wish I had known how to help him sooner...


...You don't need to stress as long as I did.


When you're eager to hear your sweet baby or toddler talk, you don't have to sit back and wonder if there's anything more you could be doing.


You shouldn't have to wait to give your child the support they need because you can't afford to see a specialist or there is a waitlist months long for an evaluation.


Using my 11+ years experience as a speech therapist, 5 years as a mom, and 2 years of extensive feedback from the 450k parents in my Instagram community, I created the Raising Little Talkers course to help you feel confident teaching your child to talk during your everyday interactions at home.


And that began my obsession with helping parents--not only to catch their child up from home, but to prevent delays before they start.


Today I'm committed to teaching parents how to connect and communicate with their children by turning babbles and gestures in to those precious first words, expanding their vocabulary, encouraging word combinations, and beyond.

Are you ready to raise a little talker?

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