I'm Melissa.

I’m a speech-language pathologist and mama of two. My passion is teaching parents how to build their child’s language skills.

I’ve been a speech pathologist for 10 years and while I’ve worked with a variety of ages, the little ones are my favorite. When I became a mommy, I utilized speech therapy techniques from my practice with my own daughter and was excited by how quickly her language skills progressed. I am constantly getting stopped by people who can’t believe how chatty she is! She really never stops talking… While some of her communicative nature might be innate, I employed research-based strategies from my many years as a speech therapist to nurture and cultivate her language skills. I want to share my speech therapy secrets with you so you can get your child to talk—a lot!

The beauty of using these strategies is that there’s no need to set aside any extra time. You can sprinkle speech therapy magic into what you’re already doing, such as reading, feeding, and bathing. While I currently take some time off from seeing clients to raise my little talkers, I decided to create this blog and the Raising Little Talkers instagram, to keep my skills sharp while sharing my knowledge with other parents who are eager to set their babies and toddlers up for talking success.

Is your child's communication on track?

Raising Little Talkers

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