You can help your child meet their speech + language milestones

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Mother and Baby

You don't need to be a speech therapist to have a talkative child.

I speak from experience when I say it can feel enormously stressful when our little ones aren't meeting their milestones as expected--but it doesn't have to be that way. The more you know about your child's speech and language development, the more confident you'll be nurturing its growth. Raising Little Talkers offers simple and effective strategies to help you get your child talking so that you can worry less and enjoy your child more.

Take the mystery out of speech and language development

Know what to do to help your child talk

Reduce communication frustration + meltdowns

Feel confident and stop worrying

Raise a little talker!

Hi, I'm Melissa and this is my son, Gavin.

How come parents are just told to talk to their child all day and read lots of books? This is so vague and doesn't tell you what to actually do!

When you're so eager to hear your sweet baby or toddler talk, you don't have to sit back and wonder if there's anything more you could be doing. You can play an active part in your child's speech and language development.


I created Raising Little Talkers to give you actionable strategies that are easy to incorporate into what you're already doing so you can feel confident teaching your baby and toddler to communicate.

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Raising Little Talkers


Everything you need to know to get your child talking

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