Want to help your toddler talk more?

If you are the parents of a baby or toddler, get the tools you need to grow their vocabulary as quickly as possible from home.

YES, I Want To Raise a Little Talker!

With results like this...

"Within almost less than 2 months, he said about 50 words. He literally went from saying nothing...to saying a new word almost everyday."
- Danyelle, mom of 21 month old
"I've lost count of all the new words he says and that's in just over 6 weeks"
- Cailen, mom of 25 month old
"Now she's not even 19 months old and we're at well over 80 [words]"
- Lisa, mom of 19 month old

...It's no wonder parents rave about my research-based approach to help their toddlers talk.

Feeling worried about your baby or toddler meeting their speech milestones?

I get it. I've been there!

If you're anything like me, you couldn't wait to hear your baby’s sweet voice before they were even born.

Now you're beyond excited for that heart melting "mama" or "I love you" and the cute conversations that follow, but the words aren't coming as you expected…

You make sure to read to them often and talk to them all day long (or the opposite--you have no clue what to say to a baby), and your child is still not talking or only has a handful of words.

You can't figure out what they want half the time and you're both frustrated and discouraged.

Then all you get for an answer is: "Just read to them more!" or "Don't worry about it, my nephew didn't start talking until he was 3".


I'm calling BS on this narrative.

It's totally normal to wish you knew what your toddler wants and when, so you can:

  • Meet their needs with ease (and decrease frustrating communication meltdowns)
  • Know when they have a tummy ache or what they want to eat (or don't want) because they can tell you
  • Experience your toddler's sweet and silly thoughts so you can laugh together and think "kids do say the darnedest things!"
  • Hear from your pediatrician that your little one is on track so you have one less thing to worry about...

And it can feel enormously stressful when these things are not happening.

You don't need to work harder or longer.

The problem is simple...

You don't yet have the TOOLS!

But it's not your fault.

Unfortunately, parents just don't get helpful education about speech and language development.

I want to change that.

You can take your baby or toddler's speech and language to the next level at home.

Hi, I'm Melissa and this is my son, Gavin!

I'm a licensed speech-language pathologist and the founder of Raising Little Talkers.

As a mom of three little kids, I know how helpless you can feel when your child isn't meeting milestones —

I was in your same shoes when my son wasn't meeting his gross motor milestones.

He still wasn't sitting independently at 9 months old...

To say I was an anxious mess is an understatement!

I was so worried and overwhelmed, my mind went to the worst possible scenarios.

I googled way too much and freaked myself out that there might be something seriously wrong with him...

...that it could be this diagnosis or that, that he may never walk. You know how this goes...

You may have been down a similar rabbit hole with worry and anxiety about your child’s speech and language development. I felt so helpless.

When I finally learned what to do with him at home to strengthen his muscles and let me tell you–my anxious brain felt so empowered to finally have a plan of action.

It felt so good to do something to help my son and take control of the situation.

I finally had peace of mind that I was helping him to progress at home--and progress he did!

I wish I had known how to help him sooner...

You don't need to stress as long as I did.

When you're eager to hear your sweet baby or toddler talk, you don't have to sit back and wonder if there's anything more you could be doing.

You shouldn't have to wait to give your child the support they need because you can't afford to see a specialist or there is a waitlist months long for an evaluation.

What parents are saying:


Of course, there are parts of our child's development that are out of our control...

But what we CAN control is the environment.

As a parent who is with your child day in and day out, you have a unique power to provide a language-rich environment that delivers the consistent daily input your child needs to start talking or expand their vocabulary.

Imagine knowing proven speech therapy strategies to turn your child's babbles and gestures into words and grow their vocabulary with confidence...

Well, you don't have to "imagine" any longer, because...you can.

The Raising Little Talkers course teaches you exactly how to communicate with your child like a speech therapist so that you can get them talking as quickly as possible.


The Raising Little Talkers Course

The proven, practical, online parent training program to get your baby or toddler saying more words as quickly as possible.

When you enroll in the Raising Little Talkers course, you get:

  • Access to the proven methods that I use as a speech-language pathologist to help children start talking and grow their vocabulary →these strategies are backed by research!
  • ​​Easy to digest lessons you can access at any time → I know you're busy and exhausted, which is why this 2 hour course is broken down into bite-size lessons for you to enjoy at your own pace.
  • Simple, powerful tips you can start using right away during your everyday routines → You don't have to set aside extra time to "work on speech".  
  • ​​Real example videos → You'll see each strategy in action during real life interactions so you know exactly what to do.
  • ​​​Accompanying PDFs for additional support → Easily reference what you've learned with printable cheat sheets.      
It's time to give yourself the know-how and the peace of mind you deserve to help your child progress. Just like it's done for other parents just like you:

Meet Chantal

"...I remember feeling like I'm talking to her all day, but nothing is helping, what am I doing wrong? And it really reassured me...I haven't done anything wrong, I just didn't have the strategies..."

-- Chantal, mom of 21 month old


This online course is perfect for you if…

  • Your child is not talking as much as their peers or not meeting expected speech and language milestones.
  • ​You want to grow your child's speech and language skills while waiting for an evaluation or therapy to start.
  • ​You want to encourage your baby's first words, new vocabulary, or word combinations.
  • ​You want to feel confident that you're doing all that you can to help your child talk and prevent delays in language development.

More Results From Parents Like You


Learn The Speech Therapy Strategies You Need To Raise A Little Talker

Easy-to-digest modules to fit your busy life as a parent of young children. Each module includes multiple video lessons, video examples, and downloadable PDFs.

Module 1: The Language Building Blocks

  • Find out how to help your child imitate words and phrases with ease — a critical skill that all children need in order to talk independently.
  • Learn to support your child's language development at each stage including understanding words and following directions, babbling, gesturing, single words and combining words.

Module 2: Make Your Words Matter

  • Discover simple tweaks to make your words stand out to your child.
  • Learn 3 strategies that will make your language easier for your child to understand and eventually use.

Module 3: Help Your Child Initiate

  • Find out how to engage with your child during play to facilitate imitation and initiation.
  • Know when to talk and when to keep quiet to help your child take a turn.
  • ​Understand the importance of initiation for learning new words and getting wants and needs met.
  • ​Master the skill of creating communication opportunities anytime, anywhere.

Module 4: How to Respond

  • Discover and practice key strategies that will take your child's language development to the next level — so from sounds and gestures to words and from single words to word combinations.
  • Learn how to respond like a speech therapist! (You’ve got this!)

Module 5: Establish Routines

  • Use the routines and activities you're already doing with your little one to encourage comprehension, turn-taking, and talking
  • Learn my favorite little talker routines for babies and toddlers that you can implement right away

And when you enroll, you get this BONUS designed to speed up progress:


1 Month of Free Support in the Raising Little Talkers Together Community for Parents

($37 value)

  • All your questions answered as you work through the course & apply the strategies (forums + monthly Live Calls)
  • Feedback about your unique situation and child
  • Busy parent approved Little Taler Guides with strategies, songs, and scripts about a common theme (like car rides, hand washing, getting dressed, etc)
  • Connection with other parents who get what it is like to have a child who is behind

This is about the time where you might be wondering how the heck you're going to fit this in to your already busy and overwhelming schedule...

But here's the thing--you don't need to add in any extra activities or set aside time to "work on speech"...

Research informs us that young children learn best in the context of their real life activities and with the people most important to them--that's YOU!

The best way to do this is to use speech therapy strategies with your child during everyday activities that you are ALREADY doing...

...like going on walks, going to the grocery store, giving baths, and changing diapers.

Every successful parent I've worked with in the past has leveraged their daily routines to grow language skills and because of the built in repetition and consistency, PROGRESS IS FASTER!

"Wait...Are you saying that just by sprinkling your strategies on top of what I'm already doing with my child, I can help them talk more AND progress will be faster too!?"

Yes. That's EXACTLY what I'm saying. 😎


Enroll in Raising Little Talkers Today!

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And check out these transformations!

"We went from about 10 words at 24 months to well over 100 at 27 months"
- Sam, mom of 27 month old
"After about a month they just started saying so many new words..."
- Ashley, mom of 21 month old twins
"He consistently makes word approximations like 'ba' for ball and 'uh' for up."
- Amber, mom of 14 month old
"My husband and I aren't as stressed anymore trying to figure out what he wants..."
- Nicole, mom of 18 month old

My Little Talker Guarantee

The fact that you’re reading this section means you already know learning my strategies will help improve your child's language skills, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt, like…

"How am I supposed to know this is going to help my child?”

Well… that’s simple. Try it.

Guarantee #1

Test Drive My Program For 30 Days

When you enroll, you get 30 days to go through the program and if for whatever reason you don't feel it's a good fit, you can get a full refund, no questions asked. Simply e-mail Kristin at kristin@raisinglittletalkers.com and we'll gladly refund you.

    Guarantee #2

    6 Months to GET RESULTS!

      After you pass the initial 30 days, you clearly see the value of the program and are committed to doing everything you can to help your toddler talk more, you’ll get an additional 5 months to test drive the program. We are available in the membership community for you to make sure you get started on the right foot so you’re getting the most out of the program. If you can show us you are doing the work and you’re still not seeing ANY IMPROVEMENTS in your toddler’s language development, we'll refund your investment.

      Why would I do this? Because 96% of parents who have taken my course have reported improvement in their child's communication skills and said they would recommend it to another parent. So yeah, I know how effective this is and am willing to put my money where my mouth is. That’s how much I believe in my course.

      See What Other Parents Are Saying:

      I WANT THIS!

      "I wish we had known about this a year ago."

      --Stephanie, mom of 24 month old

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      Enroll in Raising Little Talkers Today!

      Just three installments of $119 USD
      Or SAVE $60 - when you pay in full today $297 USD