7 Ways To Get Your Baby Babbling

January 11, 2023

7 Ways To Get Your Baby Babbling

Babbling starts between 4-8 months of age and is a critical stepping stone to talking. If your baby isn't babbling yet, try some of these tips below to get it started!

1️. Get face to face. This is my number 1 advice no matter what the question! Baby needs to connect with you by seeing your eyes and mouth.

2️. Babble to your child. This might feel weird or silly, but modeling this age-appropriate communication skill will hopefully get baby to imitate. (Don’t ONLY babble to your child, you still want to talk to them with adult speech while you’re going about your day.)

3️. WAIT 10 seconds for a response. This will feel really long if you’re not used to it, but giving baby that time to process what you did and an opportunity to respond is key. If baby doesn’t respond, you can take another turn.

4️. Babble the initial sound of words. This is another good option to get more babbles in during the day. For example, if you have a stuffed bunny you would say “ba-ba-ba-bunny” or “ma-ma-ma-mama”

5️. Use “parentese”. Parentese is a higher pitched sing-songy voice. Research indicates babies pay closer attention to this speaking style. Some parents do this naturally, for others it doesn’t feel so natural. Give it a go!

6️. Try putting your baby’s hand on your mouth while you make babbling sounds. This way your child not only SEES and HEARS, but FEELS the sounds as well.

7️. Reinforce any sounds or babbling attempts. If baby babbles back, smile, be excited, and babble back RIGHT AWAY. You want to reinforce that communication so your baby knows you like it and will do it again!

Check out these vocal development stages below so you know what to expect from first sounds to first words! What stage is your child at?

Hope that was helpful :) If you're ready to help your baby or toddler talk, I can teach you how! Join me in my course,  Raising Little Talkers and learn everything you need to know to get your child talking.

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