Help Your Toddler Say More Words with Play-doh!

October 30, 2023

Are you worried that your young child isn’t saying very many words? One of the best ways to get your baby or toddler talking more is through play. When you’re playing together and having fun, you’ll both feel more relaxed, and the learning will come easier and be more natural. 

Does your little one love play-doh? It’s no secret that play-doh is great for independent and sensory play, but when you join in the fun, the possibilities are endless for words you can model while you play. Even if your toddler doesn't mimic you right away, keep exposing them to new words every day, and they will pick up on them!

Some of my favorite words to use while playing with play-doh include:

  • Requesting words: help, again, more
  • Action words: squeeze, cut, pull, roll, poke, squish, push
  • Concepts: in, out, big, little
  • Describing words: squishy, hard, flat, round

You can also use play-doh to talk about colors and shapes, or even have fun making animals or pretend food like an orange or an apple!

Asian kid and his teacher play doh togather in class room in preschool, this image can use for art, education, student and school concept

While you’re playing with play-doh together, the following tips might help you to encourage language:

  • Repetition - Repeat words over and over. Say target words even more times than you think you need to. Repetition helps your child learn new words and also increases the likelihood that they will imitate you as you say them.
  • Join in - Make sure you have your own play-doh, so you can have fun with your toddler. You will be able to be part of the activity but still encourage independence in your child.
  • Follow their lead - If your child isn’t responding to what you’re saying or doing with the play-doh, copy and talk about what they’re doing. 
  • Keep it simple - Use a lot of short phrases and single words. When you keep your language simple, your child is less likely to feel overwhelmed.
  • Don’t be afraid to be silly! - You can add fun sound effects or do silly voices while you play. Your child might be more likely to imitate you!

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You can feel confident teaching your baby or toddler to communicate without adding one more thing to your busy schedule! I’m excited to see how you and your child grow together!

I’m rooting for you!

~ Melissa

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